Combat in Diablo III


There are two main modes of combat in Diablo III, player versus player and open brawling. Gamers had been hoping to hear the announcement of an additional Team Deathmatch or Arena combat area, but not in this version of the game. There are ways you can use the current combat modes to your advantage to increase your skill, so not all is disappointment in the latest release.


Player versus player takes on two different modes in Diablo III. There is combat against another live player, and there is combat that takes place against an NPC. You have to be on your toes and up on your skills, this combat is for real and you can lose rank and items in the process. If you want to get better at PvP combat, check out the ability to get in some time brawling.


Brawling is fun. There is no need to hide that fact. You can get into a free for all with a few friends and it doesn’t have to hurt you at all. Brawling is done in an area that is set aside for it. You can go in and do a one on one thing, or you can play in a cooperative mode that is close to a team play action. You can also bring anything you want in to use with you and best of all – you won’t lose any items or have your rank affected by the brawl. While this may just seem like good fun, it can also be an important part of learning how to handle yourself and your items in the player versus player combats.

Team Deathmatch

The much awaited Team Deathmatch Arena is no longer to be waited for – it simply is not coming. The game creators were trying to design an open arena that could handle brawling style combat, with teams, and a ranking system. This proved to be too large a task to fit into a gaming world that is not designed for such activities. It would have been like adventuring in a highly specific and historically accurate medieval world, only to suddenly come across an opportunity to engage in WWF wrestling. Rather than put in an element that was so jarring, and had the potential of messing with the games inner workings – it has been placed on the backburner for a while.

Will More Combat Types Become Available?

The problem with combat in Diablo III is that it is not specifically an arena combat style game, but it attracting quite a few players who want that. Diablo III is an adventure RPG that just happens to also have combat. In order for the game creators to make combat options that are separate from the quests they have to change the culture and history of the game in such a way that the areas have enough depth to be believable. There is nothing, outside of the understandable brawl, the supports random combat matches in the Diablo III universe. It is not off the table, however, and game designers are looking at ways to work it in.

Minecraft – A Parent’s Dilemma

mc creeper

As a responsible parent, you would probably be cautious enough in choosing the different games that is being played by your child and would want to check every detail of it before you totally let them play it. But what if the game that they would like to play is Minecraft? This game has turned out to be one of the most common games being played by children out there because of the easy and simple gameplay that it could bring to them. Sites like Minecraft For Free X have been allowing anyone to play Minecraft for free.

Minecraft refers to the game that has been developed by Mojang which allows the players to start building and breaking blocks in order to create a visual world that they can build by themselves.


There are different benefits that Minecraft could give to all the parents out there which could be one of the main reasons on why they are letting their child play this game. Some of those benefits are the following below:

  • It is free. One of the most common problems of parents out there is that they still need to budget the money they will need to use for the different toys and games that their child wants to play with. But with Minecraft, there is nothing for them to worry about since there will no single penny to be spent.
  • It is totally educational. There are a lot of educational benefits that this game could give to your child so you can be assured that your child would not learn some bad things from it. Visit Minecraft Edu for more information.

It makes for good bonding time. Even though you are an adult, you can still have the chance to play the game and spend time with each other. You can play along with your child and even help them in understanding the different terms and items you need to use to become successful on it.

Sega’s Dream Realized: Big Blue is Back

This is an excerpt from: INSIDE XG – John Ricciardi (Editor in Chief)


So, have you purchased a Dreamcast yet? I assue by the time you’re reading this, a majority of you (or whoever pays the bills in your home) will have already plunked down 200 big ones for Sega’s new uber system. If so, congrats. While it’s hard not to be at least a little bit skeptical of Sega’s chances for success (their track record over the last few years isn’t exactly stellar), it’s nearly impossible not to get exited after checking out the DC’s amazing launch lineup. They’ve got several must-buy games already (Sonic Adventure and Soul Calibur being the top two, at least in my opinion), they’ve got online connectivity right out of the box (Sonic’s Internet features rock, and that’s nothing compared to what’s on the way), and most importantly, they’ve got a massive amount of quality third-party support, which pretty much ensures us that there’ll be plenty of software headed our way as the months and years go by.

Update: Apparently the DC is still alive and kicking!

I just returned from Sega HQ in San Francisco (they held a pre-launch “Gamer’s Day” event to unveil their launch plans to the gaming media), and while I went in feeling pretty good about the DC, I came out feeling great. The people behind this launch know their stuff, they’re in touch with the gaming community (just check out their TV ads–which destroy anything I’ve seen from Nintendo or Sony), and they’ve got the software (and hardware) to back it all up.

What more can I say? It’s great to have Sega back in the picture, and the increased competition is gonna mean better games from all three of the major players. And you know who benefits the most from that…

Super Smash Bros on Wii U

super smash brothers wii u

One of the most anticipated game releases coming to the Wii U is the latest version of the popular Super Smash Bros. This game lets you play as several of the best known Nintendo game characters in fun and fast paced challenges. The graphics and engine have been updated to take advantage of the platform, making it even more fun to play!


Thankfully, Nintendo has finally understood that while upgrading graphics, challenges and player options that the one thing that should be left alone is the actual game play design. It may be a good thing to update game play during the first few generations of a game in response to player input, but Super Smash Bros has reached a point where the play is fairly well set up. Even the small glitches that may occur that aren’t perfect are something that players expect, and new players won’t even notice. They wisely choose to leave well enough alone so you won’t have to learn any new controls to get right into playing the new release.


While all the usual suspects are on the Super Smash Bros lineup for the Wii U, a lot of players are surprised to find out (and pleased) that there is more cross game representation on the roster. You can play as the Wii Fit Trainer, Captain Olimar and even the Villager. Also appearing as a new option is Kirby and Samus Aran. Nintendo hasn’t released a complete list of everyone who will be there, but there is also a strong rumor that part of that reason lies in the new way they are planning to be able to update the game play throughout each version life.

Camp Miiverse Challenges and Super Smash Bros

On the Wii U system, the Miiverse is fully integrated, which can add an extra level of fun to playing Super Smash Bros. If you haven’t investigated the Camp Miiverse area, it’s time to go see what it is all about. Camp Miiverse is split into areas for each game where you can post your results, issue and accept challenges that add to your experience. You can also repost from Camp Miiverse right into your own timeline as well and post your favorite profile too. If you get too much going on remember to turn off the Yeah! That way you will only see the original postings in your timeline. The comments will still be there, but you won’t open the post to see them unless you want to.

One of the best things about the whole Wii U plan is that it allows for the games to be updated on a more continuous basis, and on a cross game basis. This means that instead of just being able to access the next release, the current release of Super Smash Bros may suddenly gain more characters on its roster due to an upgrade to another game on the Wii U.